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There are 3 family trees held in this web site.  They are all connected.   On your first visit to this web site we assume that you want the Hartwell family.  The name of the currently chosen family is in the blue banner, above left.  

If your interest is in a different family from that shown above left, please click one of the following 3 links:

             Foster family     Hartwell family     King family

Your choice of family will remain in force in this browser on this computer until you make a different choice.  You can change your choice only by returning to this Home page.

If your chosen family name is already showing, you can start searching for a person now using the search fields above right, or you may wish to explore the MAIN MENU on the left.   On the right are some quick hints on using the site.

Even if your chosen family name is showing, you may wish to click the appropriate link to read an introduction to the family and to see how the 3 families are connected.

  • FINDING PEOPLE:  There are a number of ways to find a person.  They include:
    ♦   Easiest is the simple search facility above and on every page.
    ♦   Or use PEOPLE ▶Find person in the MAIN MENU on the left of every page.
    ♦   Or use PEOPLE ▶Surnames from the MAIN MENU on the left of every page.
    ♦   If you know the forenames of a married couple, but neither surname, try the PEOPLE ▶Find family search from the MAIN MENU on the left of this page.
  • PERSON DISPLAY EXAMPLES:  The ways of viewing a person's record include:
    ♦   the default individual display.
    ♦   several forms of ancestry display, like this vertical ancestry chart.
    ♦   several forms of descendant display, like this compact descendants chart.
  • HELP:   Clicking the HELP menu (bottom left) will take you to our help facility.   This will help you, for example, to find a person; to see the many different views we have about a person; to find relationships between 2 people; to look at census data - and lots, lots more!

  • IMPORTANT:   You MUST: register to see living people.      We take the privacy of living people very seriously.   If you wish to view information about living individuals, you must be registered in the system.   The registration procedure is explained here.
  • ERRORS:   If you find errors, have any problems, suggestions or additions, please report them here.