♦   A host of new Oxfordshire data, usually including BMD images, has been mined, courtesy of Ancestry.   There is more data still to come from the same source.
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  • This web site is dedicated to the family histories of my wife and me and our children and grandchildren.   My wife is Irene Hartwell.  I am Dave Foster.  
  • My ancestors come mainly from Liverpool and other parts of Lancashire, from Nottinghamshire, Worcestershire, and Ireland.   Irene's mother comes from Kaernten in Southern Austria; her father's ancestors are mainly from the Bucks, Northants, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire areas.   Our children and grandchildren's ancestors add Cumbria, Cheshire, Herts, Norfolk, Essex, Scotland and Wales.
  • Because Irene and I have no shared children, our genealogies are kept separate.   However, each of us appears twice on this site, once in our own tree and once as a spouse in the the other person's tree.   For this reason, there is a Same Person link near the top of each of our individual record pages.
  • PLACES SPECIAL TO US:   Over on the right of this page is an image randomly chosen from a list of places that are special to us or our ancestors.  
  • SLIDE SHOW:   At the top of every other page on this site - except this Home page - you can see images of ourselves, our children and our ancestors.   It changes every few seconds.
  • AUNT LOUISA:   The story about how several of us together finally cracked a long standing mystery across the pond in the USA, is here.   It has everything - perseverance, false trails, clues found in attics - and a little bit of luck!
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  • AND ANOTHER THING!  Irene paints.    To see her work, just click here.

 Places significant to our families
Bob Ferguson, Dave's grandfather, was born in Dungannon, NI in 1878.  This image is of Church Street.
Bob Ferguson, Dave's grandfather, was born in Dungannon, NI in 1878. This image is of Church Street.

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