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About documents and media

At the time of writing, 'media' on this site includes only still images.

Many of the images on this site are quite large, that is larger than they appear to be on the screen.   If you find them too small to view properly (I hope that I have taken care to avoid this problem), you can use the magnifying icon above the image to make it larger.   Depending on the original size of the image, this may or may not help.  All the images on this site have been reduced in detail to improve the speed at which they are downloaded, with the result that they are often not suitable for printing.  

Media categories

Every image held on this site is held in one of the categories described in the following table.   The exception is Albums, about which see below.  

Some media categories contain hundreds of records, of which only the first 25 are shown initially.   Finding the image you want from the larger categories could be quite laborious.   For that reason, above the images table you will see a Search box.   Enter a single value here to limit the list to just those records containing that search value.

The people on this web site belong to either Dave's Foster tree or Irene's Hartwell tree.   You can reduce the number of images you have displayed from a search by choosing the tree you require from the dropdown list under Tree:.

The various media types are listed below in the order in which they appear in the main menu on the left of this and every page.  They are as follows:

Main menu item   Media accessible from under the main menu
Bth/Marr/Dth If you select this, you must then choose either Births/Baptisms or Marriages or Deaths/Burials.   You will then go to a page which lists all the images, either certificates or copies of parish record entries, of whichever event you chose.
Censuses If you select this, you must then choose either UK Census or USA Census.   You will then go to a page which lists all the appropriate census images we have downloaded.
Travel Here you will find a list of the migration documents we have obtained.
Stories Here you will find a list of the newspaper articles, service records, etc that we have obtained.
Military records This category covers quite a wide range of documents related to military service, eg enrolment, attestation records, diacharge records, etc.
Wills/Probate This covers both images of wills and entries from the Probate Register.   Each of these images appears in the person's personal record against the appropriate dated event.
All media If you click this menu item, you will see a long list of all the media held on this web site.
Photos Photos here means photos of People.   If you click this menu item, you see a list of many photos, some individual, some groups of people and some wedding photos.   Once you have found the photo of the person you want, you can also go to the individual record of any person appearing on the photo.
Memorials/Obits Here you will find a list of the headstones, funeral cards, obituaries and perhaps other images related to a dead person..
Churches This takes you to a list of images of churches that our ancestors attended.  It is incomplete.
Albums Each media item we hold appears in just one category in the above list - and again in All Media.  

Albums are different.  They are not a separate image category.   Instead, they offer alternative ways of finding images that are already held in one of the categories above.   If you click on Albums, you will see a list of so-called albums that are the computer equivalent of a family photo album.   Each album is devoted to a different aspect of the family tree.  

So for instance there is a Westheads album, which lists all the photos held that have a Westhead family member included.   If you select the Fosters album, you will see all photos with Fosters in them.   A photo with both Fosters and Westheads in it will be listed in both Fosters and Westheads albums.   If that photo is a wedding photo, it will also be listed in the Weddings album.

So, in short, the Albums facility just offers a different way of categorising photos that are already held in other collections, and offers a potentially quicker way of finding a photo.