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Foster family introduction

The Foster family
You have selected the Foster family.  You may recognise some of my relations in the slide show above.   Below is a very brief introduction to my family.

  • My name is Dave Foster.  I am the web master for this web site.
  • The Foster family as covered here includes my own ancestors and the ancestry of my daughter and many of my cousins.
  • My daughter and I were both born in Merseyside.  My father's ancestors come mainly from Liverpool and from the Preston area in mid Lancashire.   My mother's ancestors were also largely from Liverpool.   Most people born in Liverpool have Welsh and Irish in their ancestry.  I am no exception.   I also have family roots in Nottinghamshire and Worcestershire.
  • My daughter's roots are more widespread.  We have traced her family back to the Whitehaven area in Cumbria; to Hertfordshire; and to Cheshire and Staffordshire.
  • AUNT LOUISA:   My great aunt Louisa was for many years a mystery.  I knew that she had taken my mother - her niece - to be baptised when my grandmother was ill.   I was told that she had married an American and emigrated to USA and had died while still in her twenties.   But for years I could find no evidence of any of her story.  The tale about how I and some cousins together finally cracked this mystery is covered here.   It has everything - perseverance, false trails, clues found in attics - and a little bit of luck!
  • Because my wife Irene and I have no shared children, our genealogies are kept separate.   However, each of us appears twice on this site, once in our own tree and once as a spouse in the other person's tree.   For this reason, there is a Same Person link near the top of each of our individual record pages.

♦   The most recent change on this web site has been the greater separation of the Foster and Hartwell trees to enable the introduction of the King tree.