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King/Bates family - introduction

The King/Bates family
You have selected the family of Trevor King and his wife Sue Bates.  You may recognise some of their relations in the slide show above.   Below is a very brief introduction to the family.

  • The King family we have on this site covers mainly the ancestry of Trevor King himself.
  • Trevor was born in Little Horwood, near Buckingham.   Nearly all of his ancestors whom we have been able to trace were born and lived in Little Horwood, Nash, Swanbourne, Drayton Parslow and other villages in the North Bucks area.   He also has ancestry in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Bedfordshire.
  • Trevor has been married twice and has children from both marriages.   We have no information about his first wife Sandra Gould.   We know that Trevor's second wife Sue Bates was born in Hampstead, London.   However, because Sue was adopted at an early age, her ancestry has been very difficult to trace, despite efforts by more than one professional genealogist.   We have been able to uncover part of Sue's maternal ancestry, but even this has many holes.
  • Trevor and Sue have been friends of Irene and Dave for many years.  In 2011 Trevor asked if Dave would consider doing some research for him and Sue.   Dave discovered that both Irene and Trevor had ancestors in Swanbourne village with the surname Anstee - not a common name - but could find no connection.   However, in 2017, when the Bucks parish records finally appeared online, Dave tried again - and finally found a common ancestor in Richard Anstee.   No baptism record has been found for Richard, who was probably born in the mid 1500s, nor has a marriage been found.  He died in 1618.   But we know that he had 6 children.  The eldest of these Thomas, born in 1584, was Trevor's ancestor; the youngest, Benjamin, born 10 years later, was Irene's ancestor.
  • Richard Anstee and his 6 children each appear twice on this site, once in the Hartwell tree and once in the King tree.   For this reason, there is a Same Person link near the top of each of the individual record pages for these 7 people.

  • The most recent change on this web site has been the greater separation of the Foster and Hartwell trees to enable the introduction of the King tree.
  • Before the above, it was the introduction of Bucks parish records in FamilySearch.com that revealed the connection between Trevor King and Irene Hartwell.   Since we already had Trevor's genealogy on a separate web site, this connection between them enabled us to justify combining the 2 sites into this single site.