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Following is a list of sites that I have found most useful when working on my genealogy.  It is a highly personal list.

Some of these sites are essential to anyone conducting UK research.  Some are simply my preferred sites.

 General UK Genealogy Research
FreeBMD This site has a searchable list of all English and Welsh births, marriages and deaths from 1837 up to 1984.   It is my first port of call when looking for events in this period.  Access is free.
GenesReunited This is a low-priced subscription site holding members' family trees.   It has yielded me more useful contacts than any other - and more useless ones!
Family Search This FREE site, the much improved successor to the International Genealogy Index site, is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Coverage is world wide.   For the UK, it covers baptisms and marriages from the earliest times through to the mid-19th century.   Coverage is patchy, but improving; some counties are well represented, some are hardly covered.   For events before 1837, it is the first place I look.   It also has a complete UK 1881 census.
IGI batch numbers Because IGI coverage is so patchy (see above), it is important to know which parishes are/are not covered.   This site carries a complete list of parishes, with details for each parish of the exact coverage of baptisms, marriages and burials.   Particularly useful is the ability to search for an event within a specific parish.  This facility is not available with a normal IGI search.
Lancs OPC The On-Line Parish Clerks project uses volunteers across the UK.   These volunteers are busy transcribing parish records, and recording far more detail than is in the IGI (see above).   They are also covering burials, which the IGI largely ignores.  Coverage is patchy.  The Lancashire project is proceeding apace - but has a lot of ground to cover!
Ancestry This is one of the main repositories of UK birth, marriage and death indexes.   It has a complete searchable list of the Civil Registration Index from 1837-2006.   It has UK census records from 1841 to 1901.  It has many other records.  It has member's family trees.   To view most of the information contained, one needs to be a subscriber.
FindMyPast This is one of the main repositories of UK birth, marriage and death indexes.   It has UK census records from 1841 to 1911.  It has many other records.   To view most of the information contained, one needs to be a subscriber.
 Web sites related to my family
Jill Coulthard This site contains an astonishing amount of data about the Mossop surname.   It is the result of 20 years' work by Jill, assisted by many other people who have Mossop ancestry.   Of particular interest to me is the West Cumbrian part of the family.
TNG The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding.  This is the software that drives this web site.
Family Historian I use this software to maintain my genealogy data on my desktop, before submitting my data to TNG for online display.
Ancestral sources I started using this software in June 2010 to record all UK census events.   It is free software.  I use it in conjunction with Family Historian.   It can also be used with a GEDCOM file exported from any other genealogy program.   It imposes a discipline and a standard on the recording of census data, and encourages completeness of recording.  I have found it very useful.
 OTHER Software
Notepad++ This is a very easy to use text editor.  I use it to edit anything I need to change on this web site.   It is particularly good at color coding sections of text in source code files.
Irfanview This is a very simple, fast - free - image viewer software, which I use to prepare my images for display on this web site.