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Site history

My first web site started in June 2004, only months after my interest in genealogy was aroused.   The site was updated every few months as new material came to light.   Over the years, a number of changes to the presentation of the data were adopted.   In 2005 a chart form of display was added - then abandoned.   I then added birth, marriage and death certificates for Fosters, but not for Hartwells.  Late in 2008, I changed the layout of the Foster genealogy data.

The disadvantages of all my efforts to this point were that I could have only a single photo of an individual with his genealogy data, and also that it took a lot of time to update the web site, which made me reluctant to do it as often as I wished.

In 2009 I decided to adopt TNG.  The new site opened in Sep 2009.   This allows as many photos as I want to display; allows me to update the genealogy data in a few minutes; has several styles of chart display; and has many facilities I could only dream of previously.   Every time I updated the site in the past, I would add an entry in the Site History page, but this no longer makes sense.   So only major changes will be documented here.   TNG, in its What's new page in the Info menu above, gives the date when the genealogy data was last updated and lists other information, eg photos, that have been added.   The site history below combines the histories of the Foster and Hartwell sites, but has also been somewhat abbreviated.

 Date  Family  Changes made - IN REVERSE DATE ORDER
Oct 2016 Both The menu on the left of every page has been redesigned, so that it takes up less space until the user needs to expand it.   Also, a great more information - and media - has been added about ancestors from Staffordshire.
Dec 2015 Both The Foster tree and the Hartwell tree have been separated.   Irene and Dave each now appear in both trees, once in their own right and once as a spouse of the other.   If you search for Dave or Irene, they will appear twice.  You should choose the line belonging to the correct tree.   There is now a SAME PERSON link near the top of the individual page of Irene and Dave.   This points you to the other occurrence of the name, in case you made the wrong choice initially.
May 2014 Both The appearance of the site has been greatly changed.   Firstly, the colour scheme has been improved.  Secondly, the top menu has been replaced by a side menu.   The home page has also been completely redesigned.
Mar 2014 Both Most census data has been transformed, so that transcripts and images are now available for all close families.   Because this data extends the display so much, there are now toggle switches to reduce/expand the display.   All birth, marriage and death record images have been moved up the body of the individual display.   The colour scheme of all web pages has I hope been improved.
Jun 2012 Both The 'slideshow' facility at the top of every page has been improved.   You can now click on any of the photos in a slide and go directly to that person's individual page.   You can also use the video controls to go back or forth through the slides.
Early 2012 Both The release of the Cheshire parish records on the FindMyPast and FamilySearch sites enabled me to add lots of information to my daughter's tree.  
Nov 2011 Both The top of every page except the site Home page was redesigned.  It now shows a small 'slideshow' facility to the right of the site title.   This randomly shows photos of our parents, our grandparents and their siblings, and our great grandparents, in groups.   
The top of the page was also changed to reduce the page width for people with smaller laptop screens.
Nov 2011 Both The site HELP facility was redesigned and integrated into the rest of the site.   Both of these changes owe a lot to John Appleton, who originally sought help from me!
Mar 2011 Both Finding married women whose maiden name you don't know is a problem in genealogy sites.    The basic search facility has now been redesigned to make such a search very simple.
Oct 2010 Both The site was upgraded to TNG version 8.   This has a very useful family search facility; the ability to hover over search results to expand the display; and an expanded relationship calculator.   It is also more friendly to search engines.

The Help text has also been expanded and improved.

Aug 2010 Both Previously, the map facility (which on an individual's page shows where an ancestor was born, lived, worked and died) was very sparse.   The exercise of geo-coding all place names has now started.  It will take some time to complete.
Aug 2010 Both The UK census data has been completely replaced.   Using some new software, I have now recorded everyone of relevance living at an address, rather than just the adults.
Mar 2010 Both Ancestry has completed the recording of all Civil Registration Records for England and Wales.   The entire period 1837-2006 is now searchable.  This has enabled me to explore 20th century events and add them to the data.
Feb 2010 Hartwell Partly in preparation for the Hartwell family reunion held on 27 Feb 2010, Ann Tysoe's family has been traced back quite a long way. Despite the family appearing to come from Notts/Lincs, they came from near Banbury in the early 19th century, quite close to the Warwickshire Tysoe villages.
The Hartwell reunion also produced a number of new photos which have mostly been added.
Nov 2009 Foster I have started investigating the ancestry of my daughter Judy and her sister Tory.   This has added surnames Drage, Clibbens from Herts; Leigh, Dale, Boden from Northwich; Vick from the Isle of Man; Mossop, Atkinson and Martin from Cumbria; and some Scottish ancestry.   Also the Hall ancestry of my grandmother Emily has been unearthed - in Nottingham!
Sep 2009 Both The site was completely redesigned.   This was when it first used the TNG software that is still in use - though many changes have been made to the site's appearance since!
Feb 2009 Foster There are no major steps back in time in this update.   However, the 1911 census is now available and has been used to obtain information about a number of close families.   I have also added a lot more breadth to the Penwortham part of my tree.   Finally, there is a lovely early photo of Sarah Bennison's children, Olive, Roger, Mabel and Jack, provided by Jacqueline Foster.
Dec 2008 Foster Finally I have located the marriage in Liverpool - in 1781 - of John Singleton and Ellen Atkinson, my 4*gt-grandparents.   Ellen died when still young, and John re-married.  Details of his second family and their offspring have been added.
Oct 2008 Foster Further information about the South African Fosters has been added.   More Singleton information has been added, including a 1917 photo of my great grandmother.
Aug 2008 Hartwell More info on the Woolheads in Buckingham and Banbury has been added.  
Mar 2008 Foster This update has been a long time coming!  Because of the loss of data I suffered in Dec 2007, a lot of work has had to be repeated.   And it is possible that I have missed something.  My grandmother's Singleton line has been traced further back, to John and Ellen in Liverpool in 1783.   Joe Grimes has enabled me to add further info about the Fosters who moved to Golborne.  And there are more photos of the family of John Foster who went to South Africa.
Sep 2007 Foster Information has been added about Tom and John Foster, 2 of my grandfather's brothers, and some of their descendants.   The group photos have a wonderful new addition, a photo taken c1900, believed to be grandad Bill Foster and his 6 brothers and sister.
A host of birth, marriage and death certificates have been added.
May 2007 Foster Information about the family of my great aunt Letitia Bruce Foster has been added, thanks to Richard and Pat Jones.   Photos added include one from Lilian Lloyd's wedding in 1934, and a 1915 photo of her parents.   The info about Richard Singleton's descendants, added only recently, has been augmented, courtesy Ngaire Smith and her parents.   Further information about the Lloyd/Singleton families has been added. A photo from the 1941 wedding of my uncle Roger Foster has been added.   Info about the family of my great uncle Thomas Hall has been added.  Some of the descendants of my great uncles Richard and Henry Singleton have been added.   More information about the Kendall and Rossiter families has been added.
Mar 2007 Foster With the help of Lily and Grace Lloyd, two newly-discovered cousins of my mother, lots of Singleton/Lloyd info and photos have been added, including one of my great grandmother Elizabeth Lloyd.  Group photos of Singletons and Foster/Westheads, plus Lloyd and Bennison wedding groups, are new.   There is more info on the Berkshire Fosters.  Some cosmetic changes have been made to the site.  
Feb 2007 Hartwell The Finch line in Buckingham has been traced back to mid-18th century.  A whole new line of Hartwells has been added, descended from Irene's 5th gt grandparents - all because of a simple error I made!  Another Mitterer wedding group has been added.
Jan 2007 Foster The facility to view birth certificates has been added.  Further Westhead and Linn photos have been added.  Info about Rosanna Singleton, nee Grainger, and about my Stirret line, has been added.  Some info about the Kendall family that my great aunt Norah married into has been added.
Dec 2006 Foster Lots of photos and information about Jack Foster's family in Australia has been added.
Nov 2006 Foster More Ferguson, Bennison and Westhead info and photos have been added.
Oct 2006 Both There were so many photos added that they have been split into 3 groups.  My Irish greatgrandparents' marriage has been added.
Oct 2006 Hartwell Photographs of Irene's great grandparents Albert Lines and Amy (nee Woolhead), and info about their descendants, have been added.  
Sep 2006 Hartwell Quite a lot of information about the Watts and Edwards families has been added, plus a large number of causes of death.  The mystery of what happened to Amy Lines nee Woolhead, after she deserted her family, has been solved.
Sep 2006 Foster Courtesy Genes Reunited and Pam Kelly, I have added photos etc about my grandmother's newly discovered sister, Elizabeth Singleton, and her family.  Further info and photos of the Westhead family, provided by Ken Westhead and Alec Elliott, have been added.  
Aug 2006 Foster A little more has been added about the Westhead, Lightbody and Lloyd families.  A 1927 wedding group has been added from the wedding of Albert Hulme and Olive Thomas.  
Aug 2006 Hartwell Lots of new information about the Austrian family, some as far back as 1670's, provided by Richard Pinteritsch.  Many of the notes and occupations are in German.
Apr 2006 Foster Further information has been added about the Westhead, Thomas, and Bennison families.
Mar 2006 Foster Lots of new information on the Westheads, plus a few new photos.
Feb 2006 Hartwell All the changes are from the Austrian family, provided by Richard Pinteritsch.
Jan 2006 Hartwell The additions here are nearly all from the Austrian family, provided by Richard Pinteritsch.
Jan 2006 Foster This is a general update, with more information on my Singleton relatives, and photos from Harry Oliphant's family.
Jun 2005 Foster With lots of help from Sally Topley in Australia, I have added information about my great aunt Elizabeth (Lily) Ferguson and her family.  Also, following his death recently, I have discovered and added information about my uncle Harry Oliphant.
Jun 2005 Hartwell For the Mitterers, there are a few corrections to the Austrian info, and additions to the Canadian info.
May 2005 Foster Some photos of family groups and churches have been added. Details of the Police Service record of Dave's great grandfather John Foster.
May 2005 Hartwell Still further information on the Watts, from before they moved to Wardington.
Feb 2005 Hartwell There is yet more information on the Watts from Wardington and its surrounding villages.  There is a new photo of a much younger Clara Watts.  There is also information on the origins of more of Irene's English surnames.
Jan 2005 Hartwell Further information about the descendants of Joseph and Mary Watts of Wardington has been added.  Also, the Watts have been traced back to 1758 - whereupon they 'disappear' from Wardington!
Nov 2004 Hartwell My first visit to the Centre for Banburyshire Studies has indirectly yielded lots of info about George Hartwell, born in Shipston in 1840. Further reference to the parish record transcripts in Banbury have unveiled info about the Edwards from Drayton by Banbury, the Haywards from Adderbury (back to 1599), the Watts from Wardington.
Sep 2004 Hartwell Following a visit to Boarstall on the Bucks-Oxon border, and a lot of help from Annette Richards in California, I have broadened the information about the Blake family.
Jul 2004 Both This is mainly a major extension to the information on the origins of the surnames in our families.
Jul 2004 Foster Having finally located the marriage of Thomas Godber in Penwortham in 1765, I have made progress in tracing his wife Mary Slaytor's forbears.
Jun 2004 Foster This first load consists mainly of Penwortham data from near Preston in Lancs, some going back to 1650.  My Liverpool and Irish ancestry goes back to the 1840s.  (At this stage, the website included the families of Dave and Irene.)
Jun 2004 Hartwell First data upload.  Irene's English ancestry goes back to the early 1800s, but not beyond.