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Dave's thanks


Although tracing one's family tree can at times be a solitary occupation, one is constantly surprised to discover unexpected sources of help.  This page is dedicated to those people, living and dead, who have provided most of that help.  I apologise if I have missed anyone out.

The sources of most recent information about my family have of course been immediate family members in the Merseyside area whom I have known all my life.  My aunt Elizabeth Ferguson got me started (posthumously - I wish she had had more success in arousing my interest when she lived).  Her husband Harry Oliphant left memoires which have proved invaluable.  My cousins Bill Foster, Bob Westhead (who died early in 2006) and Audrey Greggs have all been very generous with their time - and photos.  And my Mum helped a lot with her photo album (some photos as far back as 1903) and her sometimes fallible memory.

Other people who have helped are listed below.  Most of them are contacts through Genes Reunited.   If someone's name is underlined, clicking on it will take you to their own web site.  The names are listed in surname order.

Who Relationship to Dave
John Appleton John helped me with the slideshow and HELP changes I made in Nov 2011.
Heather Brialey, nee Foster Heather is the daughter of my Dad's cousin Sid Foster.  She has provided info and photos on her side of the family.
Jill Coulthard Jill has been investigating the Cumbrian Mossops for many years. With her help I have traced my daughter's Mossops back to the 17th century.
Alec Elliott Alec is a cousin of my Westhead cousins.  He has given a lot of help with the Westheads, and provided many photos.
Mandy Bennett, nee Foster and Joe Grimes  Joe is a 2nd cousin, Mandy a 2nd cousin once removed. Their ancestor Tom Foster was my grandfather's eldest brother.   They have provided lots of photos of their parts of the Foster family, including what is currently the most frustrating photo in my possession, the photo of the Fosters circa 1900.
Delwyn Hardie and Lynette Lombard Sisters Delwyn and Lyn are my 2nd cousins. Their mother Eva Foster was the daughter of John, my grandfather's brother who emigrated to South Africa. They both now live in USA.  They have provided lots of information and many photos.
Frank Harrison Frank is a cousin of my Westhead cousins.  He has given a lot of help with the Westheads, and provided many photos.
Chris Hurley Chris married my late cousin Joan Ferguson.  He has helped a lot with info and photos on the Fergusons from Wallasey.
Pam Kelly, nee Fagan Pam's grandmother Elizabeth Singleton was an unknown (to me) sister of my grandmother Nellie.  Pam has given lots of info on 20th century events in the Lloyd family, and provided lots of photos.  Pam played a huge role in helping trace the fate of our great aunt, Louisa Singleton.
Rob Henon Rob is my only 1st cousin on my Mum's side of the family.  He has provided lots of photos of Singletons and Lloyds - most as yet not identified!   He has also provided the only photo from my maternal grandparents' wedding day.
Robert Main Bob is a 2nd cousin once removed.  His greatgrandfather Richard Singleton was my grandmother's eldest brother.   He has greatly increased my knowledge of his side of the family, with photos.
Jonathan Shorney Jonathan is a 3rd cousin, descended like me from William Stirret and Letitia Bruce.  He has given me lots of info on his Stirret line, who seem to have been mainly butchers.
Syd Smith, his wife Ann Williams and their daughter Ngaire Smith Ann's grandfather Richard Singleton was my grandmother's eldest brother.  From New Zealand, they have added lots of info about their family.  No photos yet!
Sally Topley, nee Ottley Sally's grandmother Lily Ferguson was a sister of my grandfather Robert. Sally has helped with info on her branch of the Ferguson family.
Ed Woods Ed is married to a 4th cousin, sharing my 3*great-grandparents, Richard Singleton and Rosanna Grainger. Between us, Ed and I have discovered more about both of them.