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Help - introduction

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 Intro  It was some years ago that a user of this site pointed out how useful he found a particular facility.   I didn't even know of this feature!   Then I realised that the software has so many features that you could easily miss them, and that a Help facility would be useful.   So these help pages have been built in the hope that it will help you more quickly learn how to use the system.

The help pages are separate from the genealogy pages, so that you can use them in one tab in your browser and refer back to them in another.

All the images used in the following instructions are from this web site.   However, just be aware that:
♦   Most images were copied some time ago, and the colours on the live site have changed.
♦   The sequence of links in the MAIN MENU has changed since these help images were created.

N.B.  All links on these help pages are in underlined BLUE - except for the FAQ links on this page.

A0.   How do I use the menu on the left of every page?

A1.   How do I find the individual I am looking for?

A2.   Why can't I see much information about the person I found?

A3.   How do I find family details?

A4.   How can I see information about living people?

A5.   What reports can I run?

A6.   Can I vary the information I can see about a person?

A7.   How can I find and use places?

A8.   How do I find an individual's ancestors?

A9.   How do I find an individual's descendants?

A10.  Why do I sometimes see the person TWICE when searching?

B1.  How can I tell if two individuals are related?

B2.  What is the Timeline function?

B3.  What are bookmarks and how do I use them?

B4.  Is there a slide show facility?

B5.  How can I find an anniversary?

B6.  How do I get errors corrected or provide further info?

B7.  How do I contact the site owner

B8.  How can I print information I see online?

B9.  How do I apply for a User ID?