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Willington, Bedfordshire, UK


County/Shire : Latitude: 52.1372190, Longitude: -0.3784380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barcock, Elizabeth  Bef 23 Jan 1763Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9831
2 Barcock, Elizabeth  Bef 16 Apr 1786Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9925
3 Barcock, John  Bef 7 Jul 1765Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9832
4 Barcock, John  Bef 15 Jul 1787Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9926
5 Barcock, Mary  Bef 21 Mar 1790Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9927
6 Barcock, Richard  23 Apr 1770Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9833
7 Barcock, Thomas  Bef 12 Apr 1761Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9830
8 Barcock, Thomas  Bef 9 Dec 1781Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9821
9 Barcock, Thomas  Bef 30 Dec 1793Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9929
10 Barcock, William  Bef 11 Feb 1759Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9829
11 Barcock, William  Bef 11 Nov 1792Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I9928
12 Barcock, William  Cal 1856Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I13141
13 Brown, Ann Elizabeth  Bef 30 May 1813Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I7510
14 Brown, Louisa  Bef 25 Dec 1819Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I13139
15 Brown, Thomas  Bef 20 Sep 1824Willington, Bedfordshire, UK I13140