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What happened to Louisa Singleton?

This is the story of our search to find out what happened to Louisa Singleton.

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You are probably only visiting this site because you know how fascinating and frustrating it can be to try to trace your family history.   Chasing one's family history can be addictive.  Only true addicts can understand the thrill of finding someone who has long been a mystery.

The story that follows on the next few pages is about my great aunt Louisa Singleton and our efforts to discover what really happened to her.   It is by no means typical.   It covers both sides of the Atlantic, and involves myself (Dave Foster) and 2 cousins in the UK all coming together to solve a mystery that had long puzzled all of us, with further help from a 4th cousin (by marriage) in USA, and near the end of our search yet another cousin in North Wales.

The story does show how a bit of luck, a chance discovery, collaboration and the use of various internet tools can help crack these family mysteries.

The story is told in the next 7 pages.  Click the number above left to go direct to the relevant stage.

   Page 1: The mystery of Louisa

   Page 2: Breakthrough - photo clues, Louisa's departure from UK

   Page 3: Breakthrough - Louisa's arrival in USA, and fiance

   Page 4: Breakthrough - Arthur's past

   Page 5: Breakthrough - Louisa's fate

   Page 6: Finding Louisa's daughter

   Page 7: Arthur and Louisa's story - the conclusion

Most of the images on the next pages can be seen in a larger size.  

And another thing.  If you click on any underlined name in the following pages, you will be taken to that person's individual page.   From there, just click on any thumbnail for a full size image.

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