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Niederpichler, Daniel (I11130)
2  Spouse (F1580)
3 Henry Singleton and Elizabeth Lloyd married on 22 January, 1877, at St Simons Church, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK. Elizabeth's signature was her mark. Witnesses were Henry's elder brother Thomas and Thomas' wife Alice.

Henry and Elizabeth, based only on 1881 and 1901 censuses, had at least 3 boys: Richard, c1878; Henry, c1887, and John, c1897; and 4 girls: Jane(Ginny) born in 1880, Ellen born in 1887, Rose c1891 and Louisa c1895.

Addresses where the family lived included Roscoe Lane (Mount Pleasant?) from 1880 to 1881. In 1887, they lived at 54 Duckinfield Street (Mount Pleasant?). At the time of the 1901 census, the family lived at 81 Field Street in the parish of St Timothy, in Everton ward. This was between Everton Brow and Islington. 
Spouse (F40)
4 TYPE Informant of death was Elizabeth Spencer, daughter of Jenny.
DATE 15 JUL 1837
PLAC Howick, Preston 
Godbert, Jenny (I250)
5 TYPE Marriage Fact
DATE 1741 
Spouse (F108)
6 (Medical):(Medical):Letticia's husband William was present at her death. Bruce, Letitia (I104)
7 (Medical):Annie was often sickly, or else was a hypochondriac. She would often take to her bed in the afternoon, not feeling very well. The only surviving letter from her husband Ben, written in 1919, refers to her frequent bouts o f illness. Bradley, Martha Annie (I801)
8 (Medical):Charles' death is recorded amongst the casualty list of the Natal and South African field forces. Charles w as private #3934 in the 11th Hussars. Stirret, Charles (I361)
9 (Medical):Elizabeth's death was reported by her daughter Ginnie Lloyd. Lloyd, Elizabeth (I32)
10 (Medical):Ellen died on her way to an outpatient appointment at the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK. Singleton, Nellie (I13)
11 (Medical):Frank was a coal merchant all his life. These were the days when coal wagons were horse drawn. The horses were often named after his children - Sally, Dolly, etc! Westhead, Francis Percy (I1067)
12 (Medical):George's death was notified by Clara Jones, George's younger sister. Clara was present at his death. Stirret, George (I364)
13 (Medical):Gladys was a good swimmer. Westhead, Gladys C (I1155)
14 (Medical):Harry had a bad chest, perhaps because of his smoking. Singleton, Henry (I46)
15 (Medical):Henry's daughter Kate Lloyd informed the registrar of his death on 7th Jan 1935. Singleton, Henry (I31)
16 (Medical):Ivy pulled a boiling pan of water onto herself. Foster, Ivy (I1552)
17 (Medical):Jack was badly hurt during his service in the First World War. For the rest of his life he carried a metal plate in his head. He also suffered from a weak chest. Singleton, Jack Francis (I50)
18 (Medical):Jane's death was reported on the same day by Margaret Richardson of 23 Epsom Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK, who was present at the death. Margaret made her mark. Unknown, Jane (I1141)
19 (Medical):John was asthmatic, and suffered from the damp climate in Liverpool, Lancashire, UK. Once he experienced the dry climate of the Transvaal, he never wanted to return to the UK. Foster, John (I99)
20 (Medical):Leonard collapsed in his dressing room. Although he was rushed to Brompton Hospital, which a few days earlier had pronounced him as fit as a fiddle, he was clearly d ead on arrival. Rossiter, Leonard (I1595)
21 (Medical):Louisa died in the USA, shortly after giving birth. Singleton, Louisa (I49)
22 (Medical):Mabel was in Heswall Sanatorium for 7 years, from about 1938, with tuberculosis. One of the other patients was Jim Nelson's first wife, who was there for 12-13 years until her death. Mabel and she were good friends until her death. This is how Mabel and Jim met. Foster, Mabel (I10)
23 (Medical):Mary Jane's son William George informed the authorities. He was present at death. Burton, Mary Jane (I359)
24 (Medical):Mary lived in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool, Lancashire, UK when she met her husband Frank. McLoughlin, Mary Elizabeth (I209)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lloyd, E. (I170)

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