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Fosters photo about 1900

This photo was scanned from a copy, which simply states "Fosters" on the back. Since John Foster and his wife Letitia Stirret had 7 sons and 1 daughter who reached adulthood, this could be them. It was sent me by Mandy Foster, great granddaughter of Thomas, the eldest son. One of them - but which one - is my grandfather William Bruce. The siblings were Tom, born 1867, William 1869, Letitia 1872, Roger 1874, James Edwin 1875, John 1877, Sidney 1881 and Albert Edward 1883. One difficulty with this photo is that there is only one of the 7 brothers, John, for whom I have several photos. He was tall and very slim, and I do not recognise him here. It is possible that he had already emigrated when this photo was taken, and that one of the men is perhaps Letitia's husband Robert Jones.
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